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Access Statement 


Entry to the front door(s) of the property is via a wrought iron gate which opens inwards onto a wide flat slate area.  Adjacent to this is a slight concrete slope (12°↑) which continues onto a flat slated area immediately in front of the entrance door(s).  There is a bell pull to the left hand side of the door(s) by which guests can summon assistance and two lights either side of the door(s) provide lighting.  The front door(s) open outwards and the entrance path easily accommodates wheelchair users as the width measures approx. 71” inches.


On entering the building guests step onto a large flat area of coir matting which is adjacent to the flat tiled area of the wide well lit upper hall.  There is a step down into the lower hall measuring approx. 7” inches and a wooden ramp to accommodate wheelchair users.  Turning right after the step, guests continue on along the lower hall which gives access to 1) Dining Kitchen & 2) Stairs to the 1st floor guest room.  1) Entry to the dining kitchen is via 2 fire doors accessed from the lower hall which is tiled and well-lit.  2) The stairs to the first & second floors is via the lower hall which is tiled and well-lit take a left turn for the stairs.


A newly installed chair lift provides access to all bedrooms for our less mobile guests or those who prefer not to use the stairs.  All stairs and landing areas are fitted with carpet.  The stairs are carpeted with a banister on the right hand side and the chair lift track is on the left.  There are 8 steps up to a wide landing turning right to the next set of 9 steps, in total 17, to the Church View guest room.  The door to this room is located in the left hand corner of this first floor landing.   

Church View Guest Room   ~   integrated shower/wc etc tiled with non-slip tiles easily accessed from within the guest room.     


A newly installed chair lift provided for those guests not wanting to use the stairs.  Access to the 2nd floor guest rooms is via a wide carpeted landing on the first floor.  Turn right up 9 steps onto a wide landing area, turning right up a further 13 steps to reach the top floor landing and the guest bedrooms Bella View and Abbey View.                                                                                                                                           

Abbey View Guest Room   ~  The door to this room is located in the right hand corner of the landing.  This spacious room has a separate en-suite shower room with wc which has non-slip tiles to the floor.                                                                                                               

Bella View Guest Room     ~  The door to this room is located in the left hand corner of the landing.  This spacious room has a separate en-suite bath with <integrated shower/wc etc which has non-slip tiles to the floor.                                                                                        
All rooms are equipped with tea and coffee making facilities, hairdryers, small ironing boards, earplugs, fans and digital remote colour televisions. All our beds have memory foam mattresses or toppers. There are wardrobes and chest of drawers in all rooms to provide adequate clothes storage. Each bedroom has its own room key and a key to the front door to allow guests to come and go as they please. Breakfast is served between 8.30am and 9.00am in the spacious dining kitchen.   There is usually someone on site 24 hrs a day to assist with any problems and an emergency contact number is left if not.                                
We are a non-smoking establishment and there is a hardwired fire smoke alarm system installed in all  of our guest bedrooms and in the ground floor inner hall and  on the 1st and 2nd floor landings.  Fire extinguishers are situated In the ground floor inner hall also on the 1st and 2nd floor landings and in the kitchen by the back door. The fire escape exits are via the front or back door, depending on the location of the fire. 


To exit the rear of Magdalene House access is via the ground floor breakfast kitchen and conservatory.  The route takes you through an unencumbered area of the kitchen via the kitchen door which is 43 inches wide leading into the conservatory.  Both the kitchen and conservatory floor are covered by porcelain non-slip tiles. 

To access the rear garden you exit via one or two of the conservatory doors which open outwards, measurement of single door is 2ft and double door measurement is 4ft.  Stepping over the conservatory thresh hold there is a step down measuring 6  1/4 inches and the flat step measures 1ft 6inches wide.  There is another step down of 6 inches down measuring 1ft 5 inches wide.  The step down onto the grey slate path which is 3ft wide is 3 inches. 

At the end of the flat slate path is another set of steps.  Step down 6 inches onto a flat slated area which is 9ft 10 inches in width.  Another step down measuring (6 1/4 inches) takes you onto another flat slated area which is 6ft in width.  There are a further two steps down (measuring 7 inches each) onto a flat slated areas each measuring 6ft 10 1/2inches.  The last step down takes you to a flat concreted area measuring 10ft 6inches in width.  

 The back gate is situated in the right hand corner of this area and measures 3ft 9 1/2inches in width.   Exiting into our secure car park.  ***Because of the number of steps we would not advise persons with restricted mobility or wheelchair users to use this exit***